• Identify and groom potential suppliers in India and identify markets worldwide
  • Act as a local representative – facilitate customer visits from abroad and meetings with stake holders in India
  • Help with logistical and regulatory problems with stakeholders
  • Help in negotiating contracts with potential suppliers
  • Help potential suppliers to customize operations and products to be in sync with the customer’s requirements

GMP consultation

  • Conduct site audits on behalf of the customers and help mitigate the deficiencies
  • Help suppliers to build, modify and improve site/corporate quality system
  • Conduct facility inspections to address cGMP deficiencies and help mitigate them
  • Train Indian company staff in cGMP, technical and analytical areas
  • Provide expert service in investigations and CAPA
  • Help customers to prepare for regulatory audits and post audit remediation
  • Provide expert service in pre and post submission regulatory documents, especially help with CMC reviews of DMFs, ANDAs, NDAs, etc.
  • Help advise post approval changes such as CBE-0, CBE-30, PAS and Annual filings
  • Help with Annual Product Quality Reviews
  • Help answer 483s and Warning Letters from regulatory agencies

Social Work

AnuSan supports the neuroscience educational outreach programs in India such as the Indian National Brain Bee (INBB) and helps encourage the best brains in India to pursue opportunities in brain research to combat numerous brain disorders such as Alzheimer's

AnuSan helps maximize the potential of Indian youth by providing guidance and financial assistance to identify and attend internships or short and long-term training programs in medicine, science and technology, worldwide